Just by the Numbers: The 2010 Center Crop

Just by the Numbers: The 2010 Center Crop
Jun 24, 2010, 04:33 pm
We had a hard time filling our center rankings last season, reaching for a number of players to include 11 in our rankings. Centers are not in short supply this season, and represent the most interesting position to watch on draft day.

With 8 players in this group slated to be selected in the first round, and another handful firmly on the bubble, we take a look at all 25 players in our rankings including international prospects Miroslav Raduljica, Boban Marjanovic, Kevin Seraphin, Tibor Pleiss, and Bangaly Fofana.

To gain a better understanding of the statistics used, visit the glossary by Noah Libby-Haines. Interested in making your own statistical comparisons?

Points Per-40 Minutes Pace Adjusted
Omar SamhanSaint Mary'sNCAA26.4
DeMarcus CousinsKentuckyNCAA24.5
Artsiom ParakhouskiRadfordNCAA23.1
A.J. OgilvyVanderbiltNCAA22.1
Jerome JordanTulsaNCAA20.7
Miroslav RaduljicaFMP ZeleznikADRIATIC20.2
Derrick CaracterUTEPNCAA20
Dexter PittmanTexasNCAA19.8
Mac KoshwalDePaulNCAA19.4
Tibor PleissBambergEUROCUP19.4
Hassan WhitesideMarshallNCAA19
Greg MonroeGeorgetownNCAA19
Boban MarjanovicHemofarm STADAADRIATIC18.5
Boban MarjanovicHemofarm StadaEUROCUP18.4
Jeff FooteCornellNCAA18.1
Solomon AlabiFlorida StateNCAA18.1
Arinze OnuakuSyracuseNCAA17.5
Cole AldrichKansasNCAA16.2
Kevin SeraphinCholetFRENCH16.2
Paulao PrestesCB MurciaACB14.8
Hamady N'DiayeRutgersNCAA13.1
Kevin SeraphinCholet BasketEUROCUP12.5
Brian ZoubekDukeNCAA12.1
Daniel OrtonKentuckyNCAA9.8
Bangaly FofanaVilleurbanneFRENCH9.3
David WeaverWake ForestNCAA7.6
This stat is meant to gauge how quickly each center puts point in the board. A recurring theme in the early part of this analysis, DeMarcus Cousins places second here. Say what you will about his intangibles, but on paper, it's hard not to be extremely impressed with what he accomplished last season. Unsurprisingly Omar Samhan takes the top spot here. Much like John Bryant last year, Samhan has dropped a ton of weight, hails from the WCC, and was simply dominant against smaller NCAA big men. Artsiom Parakhouski is one of the more intriguing players in this draft with a budding skill set and excellent size, he had a solid year at Radford and performed well against quality competition as well. Andrew Ogilvy has been on the radar for when seems like forever, and he and Jerome Jordan represent a pair of players who have made their impact felt consistently on the NCAA for a few seasons now.

Miroslav Raduljica takes the sixth spot, putting up excellent numbers in the slow paced Adriatic League. Derrick Caracter rounds out the players scoring above 20 points per-40minutes pace adjusted, though Dexter Pittman and Tibor Pleiss land not too far behind. Hassan White and Greg Monroe land just above average here and actually finish in a tie. Despite radical differences in their skills sets and physical attributes, both players were capable of scoring in bunches last season. Solomon Alabi edges Cole Aldrich amongst top players, and Daniel Orton's very limited offensive role actually places him below Brian Zoubek, whose strengths as a prospect will become clearer later in this analysis.

Free Throw Attempts Per-40 Minutes Pace Adjusted
DeMarcus CousinsKentuckyNCAA11.4
A.J. OgilvyVanderbiltNCAA10.8
Artsiom ParakhouskiRadfordNCAA9.9
Jerome JordanTulsaNCAA9.6
Omar SamhanSaint Mary'sNCAA8
Hassan WhitesideMarshallNCAA8
Dexter PittmanTexasNCAA7.5
Boban MarjanovicHemofarm STADAADRIATIC7.3
Greg MonroeGeorgetownNCAA7.2
Miroslav RaduljicaFMP ZeleznikADRIATIC7.1
Mac KoshwalDePaulNCAA6.9
Solomon AlabiFlorida StateNCAA6.6
Tibor PleissBambergEUROCUP6.5
Jeff FooteCornellNCAA6.4
Derrick CaracterUTEPNCAA6.3
Cole AldrichKansasNCAA6.3
Boban MarjanovicHemofarm StadaEUROCUP5.8
Hamady N'DiayeRutgersNCAA5.2
Daniel OrtonKentuckyNCAA4.8
Bangaly FofanaVilleurbanneFRENCH4.5
Brian ZoubekDukeNCAA4.2
Kevin SeraphinCholetFRENCH4
Arinze OnuakuSyracuseNCAA3.6
Paulao PrestesCB MurciaACB2.9
David WeaverWake ForestNCAA2.3
Kevin SeraphinCholet BasketEUROCUP1.3

This stat should give us a feel for which players are able to draw contact by using their size and physical tools aggressively down low. Based on how many points these players score per-40 minutes, it is logical that we find our top two scorers near the top of this list as well. DeMarcus Cousins takes the top spot here, with Omar Samhan sitting in the fifth. Andrew Ogilvy, Artsiom Parakhouski, and Jerome Jordan make up the tier between the two top scorers. Clearly, centers who score at a rate do so by getting to the line.

Hassan Whiteside takes the sixth spot, showing the ability to draw contact with his length and athleticism. Greg Monroe finishes a bit above average, while Solomon Alabi, Tibor Pleiss, and Cole Aldrich are all grouped in the 6+ range. Daniel Orton ranks relatively low here, but considering his limited usage, the fact that he's higher here than on the last chart indicates that he was efficiently drawing contact. Kevin Seraphin finishes last, as have many of the other prospects we've looked at from European leagues at past positions.

Free Throw Attempts Per Field Goal Attempt
A.J. OgilvyVanderbiltNCAA0.77
Jerome JordanTulsaNCAA0.75
DeMarcus CousinsKentuckyNCAA0.73
Daniel OrtonKentuckyNCAA0.69
Boban MarjanovicHemofarm STADAADRIATIC0.67
Artsiom ParakhouskiRadfordNCAA0.66
Dexter PittmanTexasNCAA0.63
Hamady N'DiayeRutgersNCAA0.61
Cole AldrichKansasNCAA0.6
Hassan WhitesideMarshallNCAA0.59
Jeff FooteCornellNCAA0.56
Miroslav RaduljicaFMP ZeleznikADRIATIC0.56
Brian ZoubekDukeNCAA0.55
Solomon AlabiFlorida StateNCAA0.55
Bangaly FofanaVilleurbanneFRENCH0.55
Greg MonroeGeorgetownNCAA0.54
Boban MarjanovicHemofarm StadaEUROCUP0.5
Mac KoshwalDePaulNCAA0.48
Derrick CaracterUTEPNCAA0.46
Tibor PleissBambergEUROCUP0.46
Omar SamhanSaint Mary'sNCAA0.43
David WeaverWake ForestNCAA0.41
Arinze OnuakuSyracuseNCAA0.31
Kevin SeraphinCholetFRENCH0.3
Paulao PrestesCB MurciaACB0.26
Kevin SeraphinCholet BasketEUROCUP0.11

A better indicator of how often this group gets to the line due to the disparity that exists in used positions across the board, this stat ranks Bangaly Fofana as the top player in our rankings. Long and lanky, Fofana benefits from a very limited sample of touches in the Euroleague, as he ranks below average at a high usage level in the French League. Amongst college players, Andrew Ogilvy, Jerome Jordan, and DeMarcus Cousins once again place well amongst their peers. The only surprise in the top-5 is Daniel Orton, who had no problem drawing contact in the few touches that he did get in the Kentucky's high powered offense. Boban Marjanovic deserves mention for his ranking here, as he uses his 7'3 frame to get to the line at a very high rate for an international player.

Cole Aldrich and Hassan Whiteside both rank above average, while Solomon Alabi and Greg Monroe slip below the mean. Monroe's high comparatively high usage doesn't help him here. Once against, we find Kevin Seraphin, and Paulao Prestes amongst the lowest players in this category, but Omar Samhan ranks as the player who loses the most group when switching from a per-minute to per-field goal attempt measurement.

True Shooting Percentage
Boban MarjanovicHemofarm STADAADRIATIC66%
Arinze OnuakuSyracuseNCAA65%
Dexter PittmanTexasNCAA65%
Boban MarjanovicHemofarm StadaEUROCUP65%
Brian ZoubekDukeNCAA64%
Miroslav RaduljicaFMP ZeleznikADRIATIC64%
Jeff FooteCornellNCAA63%
Derrick CaracterUTEPNCAA61%
Jerome JordanTulsaNCAA61%
Solomon AlabiFlorida StateNCAA61%
Cole AldrichKansasNCAA61%
Omar SamhanSaint Mary'sNCAA60%
Hamady N'DiayeRutgersNCAA60%
Artsiom ParakhouskiRadfordNCAA60%
A.J. OgilvyVanderbiltNCAA59%
DeMarcus CousinsKentuckyNCAA59%
Paulao PrestesCB MurciaACB59%
Greg MonroeGeorgetownNCAA58%
Tibor PleissBambergEUROCUP58%
David WeaverWake ForestNCAA57%
Mac KoshwalDePaulNCAA56%
Hassan WhitesideMarshallNCAA56%
Daniel OrtonKentuckyNCAA54%
Kevin SeraphinCholetFRENCH54%
Kevin SeraphinCholet BasketEUROCUP53%
Bangaly FofanaVilleurbanneFRENCH46%

It shouldn't come as a huge surprise to see Boban Marjanovic atop this list. His size makes him a tremendous finisher, which is a key component in this category. Arinze Onuaku, Dexter Pittman, Brian Zoubek, and Miroslav Raduljica round out the top-5 thanks to their strength and tenacity around the rim. Amongst the first round prospects, Solomon Alabi and Cole Aldrich tie for the top spot, with DeMarcus Cousins finishing just below average, but slightly ahead of Greg Monroe. Daniel Orton and Hassan Whiteside finish near the back of the pack, and their lack of experience and polish certainly holds them back from being overly efficient. Unlike some other positions, centers take few if any three-pointers, which makes true shooting a very telling measure of how efficient a player was with their touches and their ability to find easy looks at the rim.

Defensive Rebounds Per-40 Minutes Pace Adjusted
Cole AldrichKansasNCAA9.7
DeMarcus CousinsKentuckyNCAA9.4
Tibor PleissBambergEUROCUP9.2
Omar SamhanSaint Mary'sNCAA9.1
Boban MarjanovicHemofarm STADAADRIATIC9.1
Brian ZoubekDukeNCAA9
Hassan WhitesideMarshallNCAA9
Jerome JordanTulsaNCAA8.9
Artsiom ParakhouskiRadfordNCAA8.9
Greg MonroeGeorgetownNCAA8.8
Jeff FooteCornellNCAA8.6
Boban MarjanovicHemofarm StadaEUROCUP8.5
Kevin SeraphinCholet BasketEUROCUP8.3
Derrick CaracterUTEPNCAA7.7
Mac KoshwalDePaulNCAA7.4
A.J. OgilvyVanderbiltNCAA6.9
Paulao PrestesCB MurciaACB6.9
Miroslav RaduljicaFMP ZeleznikADRIATIC6.7
Hamady N'DiayeRutgersNCAA6.6
Daniel OrtonKentuckyNCAA6.1
Solomon AlabiFlorida StateNCAA5.8
Kevin SeraphinCholetFRENCH5.8
Dexter PittmanTexasNCAA5.5
Arinze OnuakuSyracuseNCAA5
David WeaverWake ForestNCAA3.9
Bangaly FofanaVilleurbanneFRENCH2.8

This stat tells us how well this group of bigman used their size on the defensive glass.
Cole Aldrich takes the top spot with his blend of bulk, excellent length, and a good motor. DeMarcus Cousins was almost as prolific as Aldrich, and just a shade above Tibor Pleiss. Pleiss is an intriguing player with his finesse offensively, but he still got it done on the boards last season. Omar Samhan and Boban Marjanovic both imposed their size against smaller competition to round out the top-5.

Brian Zoubek and Hassan Whiteside tie for the sixth spot here. Though Whiteside was Marshall's key player and Zoubek was playing a purely complimentary role, they still pulled down defensive rebounds at the same rate. Greg Monroe ranks just above average, and showed some improvement as a rebounder this season. Daniel Orton and Solomon Alabi rank amongst the less effective rebounder here despite their size.

Offensive Rebounds Per-40 Minutes Pace Adjusted
Brian ZoubekDukeNCAA7.8
DeMarcus CousinsKentuckyNCAA6.6
Dexter PittmanTexasNCAA5.6
Artsiom ParakhouskiRadfordNCAA5.6
Kevin SeraphinCholetFRENCH5
Paulao PrestesCB MurciaACB4.8
Mac KoshwalDePaulNCAA4.7
Cole AldrichKansasNCAA4.4
Omar SamhanSaint Mary'sNCAA4.3
Kevin SeraphinCholet BasketEUROCUP4.2
Tibor PleissBambergEUROCUP4.1
Hassan WhitesideMarshallNCAA3.9
Derrick CaracterUTEPNCAA3.8
Solomon AlabiFlorida StateNCAA3.8
Bangaly FofanaVilleurbanneFRENCH3.6
Boban MarjanovicHemofarm STADAADRIATIC3.6
Arinze OnuakuSyracuseNCAA3.5
Daniel OrtonKentuckyNCAA3.4
Jeff FooteCornellNCAA3.3
Hamady N'DiayeRutgersNCAA3.3
A.J. OgilvyVanderbiltNCAA3.3
Jerome JordanTulsaNCAA3.2
Miroslav RaduljicaFMP ZeleznikADRIATIC2.8
Greg MonroeGeorgetownNCAA2.6
Boban MarjanovicHemofarm StadaEUROCUP2.4
David WeaverWake ForestNCAA2

One of the most statistically significant and intuitively valuable plays in basketball, offensive rebounds can often determine the outcome in a game. Having a center that can tip the ball back out to the perimeter, or establish position and secure the ball themselves can be invaluable, especially in roleplayers. If there is one things a bench center should be able to provide, its second-chance opportunities.

If there is one things Brian Zoubek proved last season, its that he can crash the offensive glass with the best of them. He finishes a full rebound per-40 minutes ahead of DeMarcus Cousins. Both players should provide their team with extra opportunities wherever they play next season. Bangaly Fofana's outstanding wingspan allows him to take the third spot, while Dexter Pittman rebounded the ball out of the Big XII just as well as Artsiom Parakhouski did in the Big South.

Kevin Seraphin places better here than he has in many other categories. Tibor Pleiss, Solomon Alabi, and Hassan Whiteside all land right around average despite their tremendous size and length. Daniel Orton continues to struggle compared to his peers, while Greg Monroe is the least intimidating offensive rebounder amongst the top prospects at his position.

Blocks Per-40 Pace Adjusted
Hassan WhitesideMarshallNCAA7.7
Hamady N'DiayeRutgersNCAA6.3
Cole AldrichKansasNCAA5
Daniel OrtonKentuckyNCAA4
Omar SamhanSaint Mary'sNCAA3.6
Solomon AlabiFlorida StateNCAA3.6
Dexter PittmanTexasNCAA3.5
Jerome JordanTulsaNCAA3.1
DeMarcus CousinsKentuckyNCAA2.9
Jeff FooteCornellNCAA2.8
A.J. OgilvyVanderbiltNCAA2.4
Artsiom ParakhouskiRadfordNCAA2.3
Kevin SeraphinCholetFRENCH2.2
Kevin SeraphinCholet BasketEUROCUP2.2
Boban MarjanovicHemofarm StadaEUROCUP2
Tibor PleissBambergEUROCUP2
Boban MarjanovicHemofarm STADAADRIATIC2
Arinze OnuakuSyracuseNCAA1.8
Greg MonroeGeorgetownNCAA1.8
David WeaverWake ForestNCAA1.7
Brian ZoubekDukeNCAA1.7
Derrick CaracterUTEPNCAA1.2
Bangaly FofanaVilleurbanneFRENCH1.2
Mac KoshwalDePaulNCAA1.1
Paulao PrestesCB MurciaACB1.1
Miroslav RaduljicaFMP ZeleznikADRIATIC0.4

A measure of defensive presence, Hassan Whiteside is easily the best shot blocker in this group, though Hamady N'Diaye shows well in his first top-5 appearance. Whiteside's unbelievable wingspan allowed him to deny shooters regularly last season, but his lack of physical strength may force him to make some adjustments on the defensive end early in his career. Cole Aldrich and Daniel Orton take the next two spots, though the drop off from Whiteside to Orton is considerable. Omar Samhan is the fifth ranked shot blocker, which is surprising considering his lack of lateral quickness and leaping ability.

Kevin Seraphin sits right around average here, with DeMarcus Cousins right around the 75th percentile. Greg Monroe and Brian Zoubek were two of the weaker shot blockers amongst players expected to be drafted, while Paulao Prestes and Miroslav Raduljica were the least effective prospects when it came to swatting away shots at the rim.

Steals Per-40 Minutes Pace Adjusted
Bangaly FofanaVilleurbanneFRENCH2.4
Mac KoshwalDePaulNCAA2.2
A.J. OgilvyVanderbiltNCAA1.7
Daniel OrtonKentuckyNCAA1.6
DeMarcus CousinsKentuckyNCAA1.6
Arinze OnuakuSyracuseNCAA1.5
Brian ZoubekDukeNCAA1.5
Greg MonroeGeorgetownNCAA1.5
Derrick CaracterUTEPNCAA1.4
Paulao PrestesCB MurciaACB1.3
Cole AldrichKansasNCAA1.1
Solomon AlabiFlorida StateNCAA1
Boban MarjanovicHemofarm STADAADRIATIC0.9
Jeff FooteCornellNCAA0.8
Hassan WhitesideMarshallNCAA0.8
Tibor PleissBambergEUROCUP0.8
Miroslav RaduljicaFMP ZeleznikADRIATIC0.8
David WeaverWake ForestNCAA0.7
Dexter PittmanTexasNCAA0.7
Artsiom ParakhouskiRadfordNCAA0.7
Boban MarjanovicHemofarm StadaEUROCUP0.7
Hamady N'DiayeRutgersNCAA0.6
Jerome JordanTulsaNCAA0.6
Omar SamhanSaint Mary'sNCAA0.5
Kevin SeraphinCholetFRENCH0.5
Kevin SeraphinCholet BasketEUROCUP0.3

This stat tells us a bit about the quickness and defensive versatility of these prospects. Bangaly Fofana is extremely raw, but his physical tools and effort level afforded him quite a few steals in the French League. Mac Koshwal takes the second spot thanks to his consistent energy on the defensive end. There's a considerable drop off before Andrew Ogilvy, Daniel Orton and DeMarcus Cousins, who round out our top-5.

Greg Monroe and Brian Zoubek both rank well above average, while the highest ranked players below 1 steal per-40 minutes pace adjusted are Hassan Whiteside, Tibor Pleiss, and Kevin Seraphin.

Assists Per-40 Minutes Pace Adjusted
Greg MonroeGeorgetownNCAA4.4
Jeff FooteCornellNCAA3.4
Mac KoshwalDePaulNCAA2.4
Boban MarjanovicHemofarm StadaEUROCUP2.4
Brian ZoubekDukeNCAA2.1
Jerome JordanTulsaNCAA1.7
Miroslav RaduljicaFMP ZeleznikADRIATIC1.7
Derrick CaracterUTEPNCAA1.6
DeMarcus CousinsKentuckyNCAA1.6
A.J. OgilvyVanderbiltNCAA1.5
Kevin SeraphinCholetFRENCH1.4
Omar SamhanSaint Mary'sNCAA1.2
Artsiom ParakhouskiRadfordNCAA1.2
Cole AldrichKansasNCAA1.2
Daniel OrtonKentuckyNCAA1.1
Arinze OnuakuSyracuseNCAA1
Dexter PittmanTexasNCAA0.9
Solomon AlabiFlorida StateNCAA0.8
Bangaly FofanaVilleurbanneFRENCH0.8
Paulao PrestesCB MurciaACB0.8
Boban MarjanovicHemofarm STADAADRIATIC0.7
David WeaverWake ForestNCAA0.6
Hamady N'DiayeRutgersNCAA0.6
Kevin SeraphinCholet BasketEUROCUP0.6
Hassan WhitesideMarshallNCAA0.4
Tibor PleissBambergEUROCUP0.4

This stat should clue is in to the skill level and versatility of these centers. Greg Monroe tops this category in a rout. He's easily the best passer in this group. Cornell's Jeff Foote makes an appearance here, but he's already signed with Maccabi Tel Aviv according to reports. Mac Koshwal's ability to see the floor when attacking the basket afforded him some success as a passer, while Boban Marjanovic and Brian Zoubek are both solid passers for their height, but find themselves ranked this highly because of the systems they play in. Most of the top prospects in this group rank above 1 assist per-40 minutes pace adjusted, but Hassan Whiteside and Tibor Pleiss actually rank as the least effective passers in our rankings.

Turnovers Per-40 Minutes Pace Adjusted
Derrick CaracterUTEPNCAA4.1
Boban MarjanovicHemofarm StadaEUROCUP4.1
Mac KoshwalDePaulNCAA3.9
Greg MonroeGeorgetownNCAA3.9
Jeff FooteCornellNCAA3.7
Dexter PittmanTexasNCAA3.3
DeMarcus CousinsKentuckyNCAA3.3
Bangaly FofanaVilleurbanneFRENCH3.2
A.J. OgilvyVanderbiltNCAA3.1
Jerome JordanTulsaNCAA3
Solomon AlabiFlorida StateNCAA2.9
Daniel OrtonKentuckyNCAA2.9
Miroslav RaduljicaFMP ZeleznikADRIATIC2.9
Kevin SeraphinCholetFRENCH2.8
Hassan WhitesideMarshallNCAA2.7
Omar SamhanSaint Mary'sNCAA2.6
Artsiom ParakhouskiRadfordNCAA2.6
Brian ZoubekDukeNCAA2.6
Kevin SeraphinCholet BasketEUROCUP2.6
Boban MarjanovicHemofarm STADAADRIATIC2.5
Tibor PleissBambergEUROCUP2.4
Arinze OnuakuSyracuseNCAA2.2
Cole AldrichKansasNCAA2.2
Paulao PrestesCB MurciaACB2.2
Hamady N'DiayeRutgersNCAA2
David WeaverWake ForestNCAA1.8

A measure of a players ability to hang onto the ball down low and make good decisions as a passer, this stat seems to follow with what we've seen at other positions. Young, inexperienced, and raw players like Bangaly Fofana struggle, as so slower players such as Boban Marjanovic. Derrick Caracter places second because of how aggressive he was looking to score the ball. Mac Koshwal and Greg Monroe hold the fourth and fifth spots respectively and are two of the only big men in this group who faced up and put the ball on the floor regularly.

Daniel Orton and Solomon Alabi sit in the middle of the pack, which is a bit surprising considering Orton's low usage. Hassan Whiteside finishes rather low compared to where you would expect a player with his game to wind up. Tibor Pleiss and Cole Aldrich are the most sound decision-makers amongst this group since their role didn't force them to do many things that would put them in high-mistake situations.

Assist to Turnover Ratio
Greg MonroeGeorgetownNCAA1.14
Jeff FooteCornellNCAA0.94
Brian ZoubekDukeNCAA0.81
Mac KoshwalDePaulNCAA0.62
Boban MarjanovicHemofarm StadaEUROCUP0.58
Miroslav RaduljicaFMP ZeleznikADRIATIC0.58
Jerome JordanTulsaNCAA0.56
Cole AldrichKansasNCAA0.55
Kevin SeraphinCholetFRENCH0.52
DeMarcus CousinsKentuckyNCAA0.49
Arinze OnuakuSyracuseNCAA0.47
Omar SamhanSaint Mary'sNCAA0.47
A.J. OgilvyVanderbiltNCAA0.47
Artsiom ParakhouskiRadfordNCAA0.44
Derrick CaracterUTEPNCAA0.39
Daniel OrtonKentuckyNCAA0.39
David WeaverWake ForestNCAA0.37
Paulao PrestesCB MurciaACB0.36
Hamady N'DiayeRutgersNCAA0.3
Dexter PittmanTexasNCAA0.28
Boban MarjanovicHemofarm STADAADRIATIC0.27
Solomon AlabiFlorida StateNCAA0.26
Bangaly FofanaVilleurbanneFRENCH0.25
Kevin SeraphinCholet BasketEUROCUP0.25
Tibor PleissBambergEUROCUP0.17
Hassan WhitesideMarshallNCAA0.16

For centers, this statistic is as much a gauge of how well they pass as it is of any playmaking efficiency. Greg Monroe is the best passer on this list by a wide margin, and he's one of the few players that can be expected to make an impact setting up his teammates at the next level right away. Jeff Foote and Brian Zoubek are heady players who can make an impact with their effort levels, while Mac Koshwal and Boban Marjanovic have certain tools that afford them success as passers. Hassan Whiteside and Tibor Pleiss are the least efficient passers amongst the top prospects, but for the majority of these players, this statistic means little.

Personal Fouls Per-40 Pace Adjusted
Bangaly FofanaVilleurbanneFRENCH9.7
Brian ZoubekDukeNCAA7.5
Daniel OrtonKentuckyNCAA6.7
Tibor PleissBambergEUROCUP5.9
David WeaverWake ForestNCAA5.6
Kevin SeraphinCholet BasketEUROCUP5.4
DeMarcus CousinsKentuckyNCAA5.2
Dexter PittmanTexasNCAA5
A.J. OgilvyVanderbiltNCAA4.9
Kevin SeraphinCholetFRENCH4.8
Arinze OnuakuSyracuseNCAA4.4
Derrick CaracterUTEPNCAA4.3
Boban MarjanovicHemofarm STADAADRIATIC4.3
Hamady N'DiayeRutgersNCAA4
Jerome JordanTulsaNCAA3.8
Miroslav RaduljicaFMP ZeleznikADRIATIC3.8
Omar SamhanSaint Mary'sNCAA3.7
Cole AldrichKansasNCAA3.7
Boban MarjanovicHemofarm StadaEUROCUP3.7
Paulao PrestesCB MurciaACB3.7
Solomon AlabiFlorida StateNCAA3.6
Jeff FooteCornellNCAA3.5
Hassan WhitesideMarshallNCAA3.5
Mac KoshwalDePaulNCAA3.4
Greg MonroeGeorgetownNCAA3
Artsiom ParakhouskiRadfordNCAA2.4

This stat tells us which of our centers is taking themselves off the floor with their fouling. Bangaly Fofana is the most foul prone player in our rankings by a wide margin thanks to his lack of discipline defensively, but Brian Zoubek, Daniel Orton, and Tibor Pleiss are still a bit more prone to collecting personals than teams would like them to be. DeMarcus Cousins looks pretty foul prone here, with Cole Aldrich, Solomon Alabi, Hassan Whiteside, and Greg Monroe ranking as the least foul prone players amongst the centers slated to be selected in the first round.

Team Possesions
NameTeamLeagueTm Pos/g
Dexter PittmanTexasNCAA74.5
Paulao PrestesCB MurciaACB74
Boban MarjanovicHemofarm StadaEUROCUP73.9
Kevin SeraphinCholet BasketEUROCUP72.4
David WeaverWake ForestNCAA72.1
Kevin SeraphinCholetFRENCH71.8
Artsiom ParakhouskiRadfordNCAA71.7
Arinze OnuakuSyracuseNCAA71
Hassan WhitesideMarshallNCAA71
Derrick CaracterUTEPNCAA70.9
Daniel OrtonKentuckyNCAA70.6
DeMarcus CousinsKentuckyNCAA70.6
Boban MarjanovicHemofarm STADAADRIATIC70.5
Miroslav RaduljicaFMP ZeleznikADRIATIC70.5
A.J. OgilvyVanderbiltNCAA70.2
Cole AldrichKansasNCAA70.1
Bangaly FofanaVilleurbanneFRENCH69.5
Tibor PleissBambergEUROCUP68.8
Hamady N'DiayeRutgersNCAA68.4
Solomon AlabiFlorida StateNCAA67.8
Omar SamhanSaint Mary'sNCAA67.1
Jerome JordanTulsaNCAA67.1
Greg MonroeGeorgetownNCAA66.8
Brian ZoubekDukeNCAA66.5
Jeff FooteCornellNCAA65.1
Mac KoshwalDePaulNCAA64.1
There are not too many outliers here like there have been in past seasons, with Dexter Pittman's Texas squad and CB Murcia with Paulao Prestes playing at fairly similar paces. Most of the international teams rank fairly fast here, with John Calipari's dribble drive offense playing Daniel Orton and DeMarcus Cousins just above average. Duke, Cornell, and DePaul rank as the slowest teams, one of the reasons why Brian Zoubek's offensive rebounding numbers are so valuable to his team.

Player Efficiency Rating
Omar SamhanSaint Mary'sNCAA34.7
DeMarcus CousinsKentuckyNCAA34.4
Artsiom ParakhouskiRadfordNCAA31.6
Hassan WhitesideMarshallNCAA29.8
Cole AldrichKansasNCAA28.7
A.J. OgilvyVanderbiltNCAA27.7
Jerome JordanTulsaNCAA27.6
Dexter PittmanTexasNCAA27.2
Jeff FooteCornellNCAA26.6
Greg MonroeGeorgetownNCAA25.9
Mac KoshwalDePaulNCAA25.4
Solomon AlabiFlorida StateNCAA24.6
Brian ZoubekDukeNCAA24.3
Arinze OnuakuSyracuseNCAA23.9
Derrick CaracterUTEPNCAA23.9
Boban MarjanovicHemofarm STADAADRIATIC23.8
Hamady N'DiayeRutgersNCAA22.9
Tibor PleissBambergEUROCUP21.9
Miroslav RaduljicaFMP ZeleznikADRIATIC21.9
Paulao PrestesCB MurciaACB20.7
Boban MarjanovicHemofarm StadaEUROCUP19.7
Kevin SeraphinCholetFRENCH17.5
Daniel OrtonKentuckyNCAA15.8
Kevin SeraphinCholet BasketEUROCUP14.8
David WeaverWake ForestNCAA9.5
Bangaly FofanaVilleurbanneFRENCH6.9

Player efficiency rating was created by John Hollinger to measure the overall impact of a player in one stat. The rating uses an average PER of 15 derived from the NBA, which leads to inflated PERs for top collegiate prospects ┬ľor non-prospects as the case may be. Omar Samhan edges our DeMarcus Cousins for the top spot here. Though Samhan isn't a lock to be drafted at all, Cousins is considered by some to be the most talented prospect in this class. Clearly it is tough to gauge how much of Samhan's PER resides in his low level of competition. Artsiom Parakhouski and Hassan White are two of the rawer players on this list, but take the next two spots. Cole Aldrich makes an appearance in the top-5, despite losing some possessions this season on Kansas' deep roster. Daniel Orton and Kevin Seraphin share the distinction of being the top rates prospects with the lowest PER.

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14.3 Points
4.9 Rebounds
2.0 Assists
23.9 PER
3.2 Points
2.3 Rebounds
0.4 Assists
21.2 PER
7.6 Points
4.0 Rebounds
0.8 Assists
21.1 PER
7.8 Points
3.6 Rebounds
0.7 Assists
17.3 PER
3.2 Points
3.4 Rebounds
0.4 Assists
12.6 PER
12.8 Points
7.7 Rebounds
1.5 Assists
17.9 PER
19.0 Points
9.8 Rebounds
4.3 Assists
28.7 PER
6.5 Points
4.9 Rebounds
0.6 Assists
20.7 PER
15.9 Points
8.1 Rebounds
2.7 Assists
19.7 PER
1.7 Points
2.3 Rebounds
0.7 Assists
0.1 PER
6.0 Points
6.5 Rebounds
0.0 Assists
14.7 PER
6.7 Points
9.4 Rebounds
1.8 Assists
12.5 PER
22.0 Points
13.3 Rebounds
1.4 Assists
28.4 PER
10.3 Points
6.7 Rebounds
0.7 Assists
21.0 PER
9.0 Points
8.1 Rebounds
1.5 Assists
13.9 PER
4.3 Points
2.9 Rebounds
0.0 Assists
19.1 PER
5.7 Points
4.7 Rebounds
0.3 Assists
17.0 PER
0.0 Points
0.0 Rebounds
0.0 Assists
0.0 PER
6.9 Points
4.1 Rebounds
0.6 Assists
23.4 PER
0.0 Points
0.0 Rebounds
0.0 Assists
0.0 PER
8.9 Points
5.6 Rebounds
2.8 Assists
11.6 PER
1.0 Points
1.0 Rebounds
0.0 Assists
2.8 PER
8.3 Points
4.3 Rebounds
1.3 Assists
21.7 PER
12.8 Points
7.0 Rebounds
2.3 Assists
24.1 PER

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