2016 Kentucky Combine Measurements and Analysis

2016 Kentucky Combine Measurements and Analysis
Oct 09, 2016, 08:24 pm
Measurements and analysis from the Kentucky Combine, which featured some of the top prospects for the 2017 NBA Draft.

The third Kentucky Combine is in the books, and as one would assume, a number of top prospects turned in standout performances. The creation of Kentucky Head Coach John Calipari, this event puts Kentucky in the spotlight for scouts, fans, and recruits alike.

All measurements are available in our sortable historical database.

De'Aaron Fox6'2.256'3.251856'4.58'33.889.25
Sacha Killeya-Jones6'96'102297'29'29.339.511
Bam Adebayo6'96'102587'1.59'07.2399
Malik Monk6'2.256'31976'3.58'38.478.259
Jonny David6'2.256'3.251856'4.257'117.358.58.75
Mychal Mulder6'3.56'4.51876'88'26.71010.75
Isaiah Briscoe6'1.56'2.52166'88'28.719.2510
Tai Wynyard6'9.256'10.252536'119'0.259.25910
Isaac Humphries6'11.257'0.252607'08'1112.299.25
Brad Calipari5'10.55'11.51775'8.57'89.5379
Dominique Hawkins5'116'0.251906'5.57'105.528.59
Dillon Pulliam6'36'51946'2.58'08.367.58
Wenyen Gabriel6'86'92106'118'115.918.259
Derek Willis6'86'9.252207'08'

Athletic Testing
De'Aaron Fox3438.593.1810.812.8113
Sacha Killeya-Jones333773.4210.982.8114
Bam Adebayo33.539.5153.2911.893.04
Malik Monk36.54223.1210.342.7913
Jonny David29.534113.3410.892.9815
Mychal Mulder334483.1510.182.8614
Isaiah Briscoe31.537153.3110.212.7815
Tai Wynyard2732.543.4511.573.1913
Isaac Humphries24.530.583.3410.62.9812
Brad Calipari25.530.553.4210.983.0713
Dominique Hawkins3744.5163.1810.482.8916
Dillon Pulliam293633.3210.882.8413
Wenyen Gabriel31.536.543.3211.242.9813
Derek Willis303473.3510.792.8615

Underclassman Analysis
-This is our first set of measurements on Bam Adebayo. who was listed at 6'9, and measured out at 6'9 without shoes with a 7'1.5 wingspan, which is solid, but a tad undersized for a center. However, his chiseled 258-pound frame and 7.2% body fat certainly stands out, as does his impressive 39.5-inch maximum vertical leap. Among former top prospects, Adebayo is perhaps most similar, from a physical perspective, to Al Horford who measured 6'9.75 in shoes with a 246-pound frame and a 7'0.75 wingspan to go along with a 35.5-inch maximum vertical leap coming out of Florida in 2007.

-De'Aaron Fox measured consistent with his numbers from the past few years in terms of height, but his 185-pound frame with just 3.8% body fat represent an impressive jump from the 171-pounds he measured at the Nike Hoop Summit. His 6'4.5 wingspan is down a bit from previous measurements while his athletic testing numbers and just as impressive as expected.

-Malik Monk posted an outstanding 42-inch maximum vertical leap which should come as no surprise given his lengthy highlight reel from the high school circuit. He's put on around 10 pounds over the last two years and remains a tad undersized for a shooting guard at the NBA level at 6'3 with a 6'3.5 wingspan.

-At 6'10 in shoes with a 230-pound frame with a 7'2 wingspan, Sacha Killeya-Jones has terrific size for a power forward prospect and very similar measurements to a young Willie Cauley-Stein. The 30 pounds he's gained over the last two years is a very nice sign for his long term development and his 9'2 standing reach gives him some upside at the center position at the next level as well. His hands are only ΒΌ of an inch shorter and narrower than those of Kawhi Leonard.

-Wenyen Gabriel measured 6'9 in shoes with a 6'11 wingspan, 2 inches shorter than what he registered at the 2016 Nike Hoop Summit. Despite his somewhat underwhelming size for a power forward, he has packed on 13 pounds of muscle and posted impressive athletic testing numbers.

-Isaiah Briscoe has packed on some 15 pounds from last year while posting the same height and length measurements. Putting up an impressive 15 reps in the bench press and running the fastest shuttle time, Briscoe's vertical jump numbers also look much like those from last fall as he turned in a solid all-around performance.

-Isaac Humphries posted very similar to those that he posted a year ago. He hasn't grown much which wasn't out of the question when he first arrived at Kentucky as a 17-year-old.

-New Zealand native Tai Wynyard measured 6'10.25 in shoes with a 6'11 wingspan and a dramatically improved 253-pound frame that is down 10 pounds from the 2016 Nike Hoop Summit last April. Lacking a degree of length, Wynyard's decision to work on his conditioning should pay dividends as his quickness will be that much more important in projecting him to the next level.

Upperclassman Analysis

-Dominique Hawkins remains one of the most freakish athletes in all of college basketball, and Mychal Mulder's numbers are simply staggering as well. Mulder's lane agility time ranks among the best ever recorded while Hawkins's 44.5 in maximum vertical leap puts him on par with the best marks ever posted at the NBA Draft Combine.

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