USA Basketball Development Camp Measurements and Analysis

USA Basketball Development Camp Measurements and Analysis
Oct 09, 2014, 07:21 pm
Measurements of the 48 prospects who participated in the USA Basketball Development Camp have been released on DraftExpress, and added to our extensive database.

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2014 USA Basketball Measurements Analysis
The measurements include listings for height with and without shoes (sometimes both, sometimes either/or), weight, wingspan, and standing reaches for most prospects.

An analysis of what we learned this past weekend in Colorado Springs, from both the measurements and the play on the court:

Class of 2018 center Connor Vanover was the tallest player at the USA Basketball Mini-Camp measuring an absurd 7'0.5 with a 7'3 wingspan despite being just 15 years old. His standing reach of 9'5 would rank among the twenty biggest in our database and is on par with Shaquille O'Neal and Brook Lopez. Weighing just 199 pounds, Vanover absolutely must get stronger, but his sheer height and length is remarkable, especially considering he has a very solid skill-level and feel for the game for a player his age.

Stephen Zimmerman measured 6'10 without shoes on to go along with a 7'3 wingspan. Zimmerman's 241-pound frame is the real story here, as he's gained almost 20 pounds since the Nike Skills Academy earlier this year. Zimmerman did not have a great spring or summer, as he appeared to be growing into his frame and did not seem to know how to carry the extra weight. This past weekend he certainly had a bounce in his step and was widely lauded as one of the most impressive performers in attendance.

These are the first measurements we're seeing on elite 2018 recruit Marvin Bagley, and it isn't difficult to see why the Arizona native is already garnering significant attention. Turning 15 earlier this year, Bagley stands 6'9.5 without shoes to go along with a 7'0 wingspan. Like most players his age, his 208-pound frame is still a work in progress, but Bagley should conceivably continue growing, which will only add to his already impressive size. He has big shoulders to go along with his huge hands and strong mobility, and already shows a decent feel for handling the ball, passing and scoring inside.

Interestingly, Bagley is almost exactly the same size as E.J. Montgomery, a player he'll be vying with for the top spot in 2018 recruiting rankings down the road. At 6'9 with a 7'0.5 wingspan and a 204-pound frame, Bagley and Montgomery have eerily similar physical profiles. While Montgomery has ample size to play inside, especially considering he's likely to grow as he's still only 15 years old, he spends most of his time on the perimeter at the moment. His basketball IQ and understanding of the game is very much a work in progress, as he struggled to pick up some of the drills, but he's incredibly skilled and fluid for a player his age, showing the ability to make deep perimeter jumpers with ease.

The same age as many of the 2018 recruits here, 15 year-old 2017 standout Austin Wiley measured 6'7.5 without shoes to go along with a 233-pound frame and a 7'3 wingspan. His 7.5 inch wingspan-to-height differential was among the top marks registered by the underclassmen at this event. Wiley's frame still has a ton of room for growth, and it will be interesting to see just how tall he winds up being closer to his high school graduation. The son of two basketball players that both went to Auburn, Wiley is extremely mature relative to his age, and shows a very nice competitive streak crashing the offensive glass, blocking shots and finishing plays inside.

Despite measuring 6-7 ½ without shoes, Michael Porter is without a doubt a perimeter player, showing a tremendous skill-level handling the ball, shooting from outside and scoring from all over the court. He's a very fluid athlete who will take time to fill out physically, weighing just 193 pounds at the moment, but has a very impressive combination of size, skills and smarts for a 16-year old.

One of the youngest players in attendance at just 15 years old, Wendell Carter has extremely impressive physical tools relative to his age, measuring 6-8 without shoes to go along with a 7-3 wingspan, a 9-0 standing reach and a 246 pound frame. He has huge hands and shoulders, indicating he might not be done growing yet, and showed impressive ability to block shots and play above the rim within his age group.

Ira Lee was one of the best conditioned and most impressive all-around performers in Colorado Springs, showing an excellent combination of basketball IQ and competitiveness, but at just 6-6 ½ without shoes, with a 6-9 ½ wingspan, he is a little bit stuck in between positions at the moment. Only 16 ½ years old, Lee will hopefully still grow into the power forward position, even if his 217 pound frame looks relatively mature.

One of the best athletes in attendance, Jalek Felton already has excellent height for a point guard at 6-1 ¾ without shoes, to go along with a very long 6-8 wingspan. He showed impressive court vision and passing ability this past weekend, to go along with solid defensive potential, even if his jumper is streaky and his 176 pound frame needs to fill out, which it likely will considering he's only 16 years old.

Measured at 6-7 without shoes, with a 6-11 wingspan, Jarred Vanderbilt is somewhat stuck between positions at the moment, but still appears to be in an early stage of his physical development, evidenced by his lanky 192 pound frame. Vanderbilt is an impressive athlete with excellent potential defensively, even if his offensive skill-level (particularly his outside shooting) is still very much a work in progress. Considering he's only 15, that's to be expected.

While the recruiting services don't appear to be particularly high on him at the moment, D.J. Williams was invited back to USA Basketball for the fifth time in the past three years, and had a very impressive weekend overall. That might be somewhat due to the fact that he's added nearly 20 pounds to his frame since his first USA measurement in 2012, even if he's remained pretty much the same height since. Williams showed excellent versatility at 6-7 with solid ball-handling skills, the ability to operate at different speeds, and very nice court vision and creativity. His defense is still a major work in progress, but at 6-7, with a 6-10 wingspan, there is a lot to work with for Illinois head coach John Groce.

While other players mature physically and add weight to their frame, Henry Ellenson is getting in better shape and shedding pounds. He's down 12 pounds from this past June and 33 pounds overall from the first time he was weighed by USA Basketball in 2012. At 6-9 ½ without shoes, he's got great size for either the power forward or center position, and is as skilled a big man as you'll find at this age. Ellenson showed terrific ball-handling skills, footwork and perimeter shooting ability, along with the ability to score with either hand around the basket, often using the glass. His defense and shot-selection are things the Marquette coaching staff will want to work on, but it's easy to see why the USA Basketball staff is so high on him, going as far as to compare him to Kevin Love in private conversations.

One of the youngest players in attendance, having just recently turned 15, Robert Woodard showed a very nice feel for the game and outside shooting stroke to compliment his excellent measurements for a wing player, at 6-4 ½ without shoes, with a 6-11 ½ wingspan and 207 pound frame.

Already generating a significant amount of interest despite being only 15 years old, Troy Brown has very nice tools for the point guard position, standing 6-4 without shoes with a 6-8 ½ wingspan. He's an extremely impressive ball-handler and passer who shows terrific talent in virtually all facets of the game, and plays with a great attitude and spirit. Not an amazing athlete, it will be interesting to see how much quicker and more explosive Brown gets considering how young he is.

Despite measuring 6-1 without shoes, Trevon Duval has a very long 6-7 ½ wingspan, which gives him very nice potential defensively. He is somewhat stuck between guard positions at the moment, being more focused on scoring than creating, but has really nice potential to continue to improve his all-around game thanks to his strong feel for the game, nice shooting stroke, and ability to operate at different speeds.

14-year old Chase Adams was not only one of the youngest players in attendance, he's also the smallest player ever in our database, at just 5-2 without shoes. His 111 pound weight is also the lightest figure we've ever seen in our database (by 22 pounds), as is his 5-5 1/2 wingspan. Unfortunately Adams was injured so we didn't get a chance to see how his game stacks up to his small stature. He's likely an extremely skilled young player to have garnered an invite to this prestigious camp at his size.

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Javonte Smart
Deshang Williams-Weaver
Robert Woodard
Luke Kennard
James Lewis
D.J. Williams
Connor Vanover
Jaylen Brown
Cameron Reddish
David Sloan
Jarred Vanderbilt
Allonzo Trier
Cassius Stanley
Jaylen Hands
Michael Porter
Reginald Perry
E.J. Montgomery
Charles Matthews
Markus Howard
Darius Garland
Chris Giles
Joshua LeBlanc
Brandon Johns
Chase Jeter
D.J. Harvey
Jalek Felton
Harrison Butler
Nojel Eastern
Troy Brown
Jordan Brown
Trevon Duval
Matt Coleman
Jalen Brunson
Marquis Brown
Brian Bowen
Michael Barber
Marvin Bagley
Nazreon Reid
Stephen Zimmerman
Austin Wiley
P.J. Washington
Caleb Swanigan
Jimmy Whitt
Ira Lee
Carte'Are Gordon
Henry Ellenson
Wendell Carter

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