DraftExpress Extended 2014 Mock Draft #1

DraftExpress Extended 2014 Mock Draft #1
May 08, 2014, 10:53 am
Our first detailed mock draft with pick-by-pick explanations using projected rosters and taking the individual needs of all 30 NBA teams into account. The site mock draft currently reflects that.

1 Milwaukee Bucks
Andrew Wiggins SG/SF
19 years old; 6'8"; 197 lbs.
Kansas, Freshman

Milwaukee will be looking to draft the best talent available here, but it doesn't hurt that they have a fairly glaring hole at the swingman position. With Larry Sanders' situation looking unstable at the moment, they will certainly give Joel Embiid a hard look here as well, depending on the results of his medical examination, as they were forced to start Zaza Pachulia for much of the season. Either way they will need to somehow address their leaky defense, which ranked second worst in the NBA last season.

2 Philadelphia 76ers
Jabari Parker SF/PF
19 years old; 6'8"; 241 lbs.
Duke, Freshman

The Sixers certainly aren't in any position to lock themselves into drafting for need over talent at this stage of their rebuilding process, but until the situation around Joel Embiid's back becomes more clear, it's difficult to see them entering into another situation like they did last year in drafting Nerlens Noel. Parker is a huge offensive talent (important for a team that ranked last in offensive efficiency) and would fit very well into the up-tempo style Brett Brown preached last season. He also fits very nicely alongside Thaddeus Young.

3 Orlando Magic
Joel Embiid C
20 years old; 7'0"; 240 lbs.
Kansas, Freshman

It's tough to see a talent like Embiid falling any further than this. Barring the results of his physical, he'll be strongly in the mix at #1, and after adding all kinds of nice pieces to the puzzle the last few years, Orlando will certainly be looking to draft a player with star power. Point guards Marcus Smart and Dante Exum will also be studied closely here, especially if the Magic fall outside the top three.

4 Utah Jazz
Dante Exum PG
18 years old; 6'6"; 188 lbs.
Australian Institute of Sport, International

While Exum will want to get drafted by a team that will let him play his natural position of point guard, a backcourt of him and Trey Burke (a Top-10 pick last year) could absolutely work together depending on the coach Utah decides to hire. Most teams have seen very little of Exum over the years, but Utah's scouting department, headed by Nike Hoop Summit World Team architect Rich Sheubrooks, doesn't have that problem. Julius Randle can't be ruled out here, as playing him together with Derrick Favors could work and may be one way to help shore up what was the NBA's worst defense last season.

5 Boston Celtics
Julius Randle PF
19 years old; 6'9"; 248 lbs.
Kentucky, Freshman

Boston has all kinds of needs to fill, and a starting power forward can surely be considered one of them. Randle is talented enough to get picked much higher than this in a normal draft, and at some point will be difficult to pass up.

6 L.A. Lakers
Marcus Smart PG
20 years old; 6'4"; 200 lbs.
Oklahoma State, Sophomore

The Lakers have needs at every position, and will assuredly be looking to draft the best talent available. Adding a long-term starting point guard will likely be high up on their list, as will shoring up the NBA's third worst defense last season. Smart can help with both.

7 Sacramento Kings
Noah Vonleh PF
18 years old; 6'10"; 242 lbs.
Indiana, Freshman

While there are no shortage of players on Sacramento's roster who can play power forward, it's difficult to point to anyone who is clearly a long-term solution alongside DeMarcus Cousins. The Kings ranked as one of the worst outside shooting teams in the NBA last season, and Vonleh's ability to (potentially) space the floor is attractive alongside the ball-dominant trio of Cousins, Rudy Gay and Isaiah Thomas.

8 Detroit Pistons
Doug McDermott SF/PF
22 years old; 6'8"; 223 lbs.
Creighton, Senior

While this might feel somewhat high for McDermott, the skill-set he brings is highly in demand these days, and it's difficult to find someone who can (theoretically) so seamlessly be plugged in to a team and fill a gaping hole. The Pistons' spacing was horrible last year with so many non-shooters playing together. McDermott can help with that right away, and his defensive shortcomings can be masked somewhat playing alongside the likes of Josh Smith and Andre Drummond.

9 Cleveland Cavaliers
Jusuf Nurkic C
19 years old; 6'11"; 280 lbs.
Cedevita, International

While this might feel like somewhat of a reach to some, Nurkic is the clear-cut second best center in the draft, with a skill-set that is highly desirable thanks to his ability to score with his back to the basket. He also fills a clear-cut need, as Anderson Varejao turns 32 this summer and will be entering the last year of his contract.

10 Philadelphia 76ers (From New Orleans Pelicans)
Dario Saric SF/PF
20 years old; 6'10"; 223 lbs.
Cibona Zagreb, International

With their second lottery pick, Philadelphia can afford to take a swing on a player who is unlikely to join them next season, which they may actually view as being somewhat of an advantage. Saric is hoping to play one or two more seasons in Europe before entering the NBA, but will be looking for assurances he'll be picked in the lottery prior to the withdrawal deadline of June 16th nevertheless.

11 Denver Nuggets
Aaron Gordon SF/PF
18 years old; 6'9"; 212 lbs.
Arizona, Freshman

Denver could go in a few different directions here, with shooting guard being one position they will likely need to address at some point. With Kenneth Faried's long-term future being somewhat murky at the moment, though, it makes sense to think about potential replacement options at this stage, particularly if a player like Gordon, who could also be picked much higher, falls to them here.

12 Orlando Magic (From New York Knicks)
Tyler Ennis PG
19 years old; 6'2"; 180 lbs.
Syracuse, Freshman

Orlando's Victor Oladipo at point guard experiment produced mixed results, and with 32-year old Jameer Nelson entering the final year of his contract, this is certainly a position the Magic will look to address either here or in free agency.

13 Minnesota Timberwolves
Gary Harris SG
19 years old; 6'5"; 210 lbs.
Michigan State, Sophomore

The Timberwolves shot just 34% from beyond the arc last season as a team, and will need to continue to address this issue as long as the non-shooting Ricky Rubio is running the show. Gary Harris is a two-way player who will need some time to adapt to the NBA style of play, but could be a long-term solution as Kevin Martin starts to slow down, even if his size isn't ideal.

14 Phoenix Suns
Nik Stauskas SG
20 years old; 6'6"; 205 lbs.
Michigan, Sophomore

The Suns could look to add some depth to their wing rotation, which will be necessary considering P.J. Tucker is a free agent and Gerald Green is entering the last year of his contract. Stauskas is one of the best shooters in this draft, and his strong passing ability and basketball IQ will only add to what was one of the NBA's fastest and most efficient offenses.

15 Atlanta Hawks
James Young SG/SF
18 years old; 6'7"; 215 lbs.
Kentucky, Freshman

DeMarre Carroll was surprisingly adequate as Atlanta's starting small forward for much of the season, but continuing to add depth on the wing is something the Hawks will look to address either in the draft or free agency. James Young has a long ways to go before becoming a consistent contributor, but as one of the youngest players in this draft class, time is on his side.

16 Chicago Bulls (From Charlotte Hornets)
T.J. Warren SF/PF
20 years old; 6'8"; 230 lbs.
N.C. State, Sophomore

Small forward is a position of need for Chicago, as 33-year old Mike Dunleavy enters the final year of his contract. T.J. Warren could be one option here.

17 Boston Celtics (From Brooklyn Nets)
Kyle Anderson PG/SF/PF
20 years old; 6'8"; 233 lbs.
UCLA, Sophomore

A player without a position, Kyle Anderson will need an inventive coach who is willing to be creative in utilizing his unique versatility.

18 Phoenix Suns (From Washington Wizards)
Clint Capela PF/C
19 years old; 6'11"; 211 lbs.
Chalon, International

With their second first rounder, Phoenix can afford to swing for the fences a bit on a talented physical specimen with upside like Capela who needs a few years of seasoning (and work in the weight room) to be ready to play in the NBA.

19 Chicago Bulls
K.J. McDaniels SG/SF
21 years old; 6'6"; 198 lbs.
Clemson, Junior

K.J. McDaniels has the type of athleticism and defensive versatility that Tom Thibodeau loves, and he could be willing to live with his offensive limitations in the short term as he adapts to the NBA.

20 Toronto Raptors
Jerami Grant SF
20 years old; 6'8"; 220 lbs.
Syracuse, Sophomore

A rangy small forward with size and defensive versatility is something the Raptors have mentioned as being a position of need since their recent encounter with Joe Johnson in the first round of the playoffs. Jerami Grant certainly fills the bill.

21 Oklahoma City Thunder (From Dallas Mavericks)
Adreian Payne PF
23 years old; 6'9"; 215 lbs.
Michigan State, Senior

The Thunder have long been searching for an athletic stretch power forward, and Adreian Payne comes with the added benefit of being able to contribute immediately as a 23-year old senior.

22 Memphis Grizzlies
Rodney Hood SF
21 years old; 6'8"; 201 lbs.
Duke, Sophomore

Incumbent small forwards Tayshaun Price and Mike Miller are both in their mid-30's, and Memphis has long struggled to space the floor adequately for Mike Conley and their big men. Local product Rodney Hood could help with that, as he's a terrific outside shooter.

23 Utah Jazz (From Golden State Warriors)
Kristaps Porzingis PF/C
18 years old; 7'0"; 220 lbs.
Sevilla, International

With their second first rounder, Utah can afford to swing for the fences a bit on a talented physical specimen with upside like Porzingis who needs a few years of seasoning (and work in the weight room) to be ready to play in the NBA.

24 Charlotte Hornets (From Portland Trailblazers)
P.J. Hairston SG
21 years old; 6'5"; 227 lbs.
Texas Legends, Junior

Outside shooting has long been a concern for Charlotte, one of the least prolific 3-point shooting teams in the NBA this season. Enter Hairston, who is a dynamite floor spacer with terrific range.

25 Houston Rockets
Jordan Adams SG
19 years old; 6'5"; 220 lbs.
UCLA, Sophomore

The Rockets have left no stone unturned in their search for a wing player who can help space the floor, cycling through countless options at this point. Adams is a favorite of every analytics model with his tremendous steal-rate, efficient scoring numbers and young age.

26 Miami Heat
Shabazz Napier PG
22 years old; 6'1"; 182 lbs.
Connecticut, Senior

With Mario Chalmers entering free agency, and Norris Cole only a year away from doing so himself, Miami may look to address what could become a position of need soon. Napier isn't afraid of big moments and can certainly space the floor adequately for the Heat's ball-dominant superstars. We already know what Lebron thinks.

27 Phoenix Suns (From Indiana Pacers)
Elfrid Payton PG
20 years old; 6'4"; 165 lbs.
La Lafayette, Junior

While it seems unlikely that Phoenix will keep all three of their first round picks, Ryan McDonough is in a position to draft the best talent available here. Payton will have a significant transition to make from the Sun Belt conference to the NBA, but has significant potential as a big, athletic point guard with terrific versatility defensively.

28 L.A. Clippers
Mitch McGary C
21 years old; 6'10"; 263 lbs.
Michigan, Sophomore

The Clippers have been searching for frontcourt depth for some time now, and pending the results of his physical, McGary could be an intriguing option for them. He would have been picked much higher a year ago, and is the type of player who is willing to do the dirty work and play a role next to the significant star-power the Clippers already have on their roster.

29 Oklahoma City Thunder
Cleanthony Early SF/PF
23 years old; 6'8"; 216 lbs.
Wichita State, Senior

Wing depth has long been an issue the Thunder have been looking to address, and a big athletic small forward like Early could be attractive late in the first round.

30 San Antonio Spurs
Zach LaVine SG
19 years old; 6'5"; 180 lbs.
UCLA, Freshman

This late in the draft, the Spurs can afford to take a swing on a project like Lavine, who is many years away from contributing, but has significant upside with his intriguing combination of athleticism and perimeter shooting ability.

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